About Us


Liberty of Speech, previously known as BluePrint Greece,  is a charitable entity with international operations that tenaciously supports the Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice and the fundamental right to express oneself freely. Our inquiries and promotion efforts aim to protect Article 1 of the United Nations Human Rights proclamation and Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which guarantees every person’s freedom of opinion and speech.


  • The foundation of Liberty of Speech acknowledges that the universality of humankind originating from a shared lineage.
  • All individuals are created with equal stature and privileges and collectively constitute the essence of humanity.
  • The ability to convey and exchange thoughts;
  • A sovereign and autonomous press to enlighten the populace and reveal malpractices;
  • The right to access and disseminate information.
  • Each facet mentioned contributes vitally to empowering individuals to make conscious decisions regarding the society in which they choose to immerse themselves.


Our programs are designed to:


  • Erect a community devoid of barriers regarding Race and Ethnic Bias and Independence of Speech.
  • Intensify the public discourse in the realm of freedom law via empirical data and analyses.
  • Back and supply investigatory resources and apparatus to civic organizations, policymakers, forerunners, and media representatives.
  • Unveil and prevent illicit activities and dishonesty through advocacy for public interest disclosure.
  • Bolster civic engagement and cognizance pertaining to individual rights.
  • We deliver this research in a user-friendly fashion, free of cost to all.
  • It can be duplicated, with proper acknowledgment, as necessary.
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