Blueprint has created a free library of original research reports and analysis on whistleblower laws and policies. This includes our original research on freedom of speech issues, including whistleblower protection, our policy submissions to parliamentary committees, and a collection of whistleblower protection legislation across more than 25 countries.

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Liberty of Speech has created a free library of research reports on different countries’ whistleblower laws and policies. 

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Liberty’s Free Library of Laws Impacting on Whistleblowing Protection. This library of legislation provides many of the laws that affect whether and how whistleblowers can seek legal protection in different countries.

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Awards and Honors

We are including Awards & Honors, awarded internationally to our members as well as   whistleblowers in recognition of bravery, integrity, commitment to the public interest and positive and enduring impact.

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Here you can view Liberty’s ongoing projects as well as free tools designed for both the public at large as well as for use in academic, legal and other research.

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