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Ricochet Refresh

Ricochet Refresh

Ricochet Refresh is an open-source project to allow private and anonymous instant messaging

Bridges for Media Freedom

Bridges for Media Freedom

The Bridges Project works to educate the public and key stakeholders about threats to media freedom across the entire sphere of modern digital reporting.

EAT Project

Whistleblowing Compliance Checker

As countries across the EU’s 27 member states begin to develop new whistleblower protection laws, one of EAT Project partners, Blueprint for Free Speech, published a new online tool for evaluating proposed legislation against the Directive’s requirements.

    EAT Project

    Expanding Anonymous Tipping

    The Expanding Anonymous Tipping (EAT) Project was set up to expand the user base for secure online dropboxes, particularly within private enterprises and public institutions.

      Government Accountability Project Logo

      Working with Whistleblowers: A Guide for Journalists

      The partnership between whistleblowers and journalists is essential to a functioning democracy. The power of whistleblowers to hold institutions and leaders accountable often depends on the critical work of journalists who verify whistleblowers’ disclosures and bring them to the public. This free guide seeks to empower and protect journalists and their whistleblower sources by sharing critical information about their shared goals, responsibilities, and challenges.


      greekleaks logo en

      The first open whistleblower submission platform in Greece.

      Greekleaks is an online platform that allows citizens to send messages, information and/or material (documents, videos, audio recordings, photos, etc.), anonymously and securely to Reporters United

      Among other ways of communicating with whistleblowers, greekleaks uses the SecureDrop whistleblower submission system, adhering to the protocol of the Freedom of the Press Foundation (FPF) that currently manages SecureDrop.

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